OrpheusKey R&D Inc.

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AI, ML and Big Data


  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Expert Systems
  • Analytics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
  • Optimization (Performance and Constraints)
  • Databases

Your Story

We work with people who prefer to have more time to provide a human touch and "gift of time and attention" to their clients, who are tired of poor storage and system performance and/or who want to validate ideas quickly. Our efforts (irrespective of service or product) on automation, optimization and simulation are just for those users to relieve their pain and give back the time to feel like human again with less backlog and burn out.

Our Story

We, Dr. Newaz Rafiq and Suraiya Khan (two alumni from Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC), with over twenty years of research and development experience in the academic sector and industry started this company little over two years ago. We pre-process and analyze data to detect trend and anomaly; produce predictive analytics and present the data on different visualization platforms. We provide consultancy services to both public and private sectors. Additionally we are bootstrapping product development.

We worked on fixing bugs, setting up package, build pipeline, micro-service for Administrative Data Linkage software, participated in building the analytics platform, Providing Training on Statistical Disclosure Control tools, applying machine learning on cross sector /multi-Ministry data set, road traffic camera feed (Computer Vision) and Government web pages for automated tagging (Natural Language Processing), analyzing pollution data, optimizing data load and processing time for analytics projects on secure research environment involving multiple organizations; dealt with large geo-location data set and distributed computing to measure fidelity of data from different platforms/providers, inventory management, automated constraint optimization for scheduling courses (considering room availability, courses to offer, student enrollment requirements and instructors' availability); web scraping to generate training data set, sentiment analysis (Natural Language Processing) for reputation management, AI enabled crawler, malware research, mathematical modeling and simulation to predict system behavior, congestion/backlog etc.

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